Loan Officers Sitting at Table

All too often, mortgage originators rely on corporate training departments to educate them on the industry. Loan officers read sanitized bulletins about products that have been carefully vetted through product committees. They receive extremely limited market information from their secondary marketing departments and oftentimes don’t hear about regulatory changes until they filter through to updated policies and procedures.

In this day and age, that’s not good enough. Thanks to the internet, consumers are more informed than ever, and in order to remain competitive, loan officers need to educate themselves in order to be the industry expert that the customer expects them to be. Here, we’ve compiled five free resources to keep any loan officer firing on all cylinders.

1. Lykken on Lending Podcast

2. IMF Newsletter

3. MGIC Connects


5. HousingWire


Patrick O’Brien is a mortgage banker turned software entrepreneur at LenderLogix. With QuickQual by LenderLogix, your borrowers and Realtors can issue their own pre-qualification and pre-approval letters. Intrigued? Learn more now