At LenderLogix we’re constantly obsessing about our customers and always looking for ways to improve our products. Real Estate Agents love using QuickQual to get pre-qualification letters for their clients whenever they need them but we wanted to make the experience ‘pop’ for them. We want our users to enjoy using our products and in that regard, we set out on updating the main dashboard that Real Estate Agents interact with daily.

If you’re not familiar with it, here is what our Real Estate Agent page looked like prior to our redesign. It gives our agents access to what they need but it’s lacking a wow factor.

Realtor Pre-Redesign

When we set out to redesign this page, we had a few goals in mind — make sure all the relevant information is clear and make the page look great. Below is the first sketch of our redesign journey. We pared the cards down to all the relevant information and this formed the base for our path forward.

Redesign Drawing

Our awesome design team started putting together options for review. The first drafts were similar to the current page but with some new colors and imagery to be more appealing and easy to read.

Redesign 1

The next set of options were a much more dramatic change from the existing version. The design team created three designs with their own distinct feel — a 3D overhead design, an approachable illustration, and a photo-realistic illustration. These options certainly meet the criteria for adding that wow factor for our Real Estate Agents (and the Lenders who these agents are working with).

Redesign 2

Redesign 3

We ultimately honed in on the approachable illustration option for a few reasons but mainly because it conveys a feeling of friendliness and ease of use for our customers.

Redesign 5

For our final design, we went with the straight line approach for the clean angles and ease of scanning for information. As you can in the final image below, our agents will now see a brand new design with the borrower and loan officer information clearly available along with the loan officer’s photo. We’ve also clearly separated the customers with expired pre-qualifications so the agents can actively follow up with these customers to encourage them to extend their pre-qualification if they are still actively still looking for a new home.

Redesign 6

We love this new view and we think the Real Estate Agents using QuickQual will love it too. We’re always are looking for ways to improve our QuickQual platform and if you have any suggestions just send us an email and let us know what you think. We’re always looking for feedback from our users.

If you don’t have QuickQual yet, visit our demo page and sign up to try it out for free.