Over the past year, tens of thousands of QuickQuals have been created and we are constantly striving to improve the platform to make Loan Officers more efficient and delight your borrowers and real estate agent partners. 

The one feature that has been requested time and again is the ability to compare multiple mortgage scenarios for a pre-qualification or pre-approval

5 Minute Overview Video from our CEO

Sometimes customers shopping for a mortgage want to compare a 30 Year Conventional loan to a 30 Year FHA loan or maybe see what a 15 Year Conventional loan looks like against the 30 Year Conventional loan.  Now the QuickQual technology makes it easy to do just that. 

QQ Loan Officer - Multiple ProductsLoan Officer Adding Additional Scenarios

To get started you create your QuickQual like you have in the past and if you want to add another scenario simply click the "+" sign and add your new scenario.  You can change everything - the product, the loan term, the qualification rate, down payment, discount points and more.  You can even go back into your older QuickQuals and add new scenarios now - this doesn't just work on new QuickQuals! 

Of course, all of the same safe guards still apply - you control how your borrowers and real estate agents can create new pre-qualification or pre-approval letters. You can even set new monthly payment and maximum cash to close limits per scenario if you would like.

QQ Borrower Multiple Products - iPhone 11Borrower Comparing Mortgage Scenarios

When you borrowers login to their personalized QuickQual, they can compare scenarios just as easily as you created them. Simply swipe the top area of the QuickQual and the borrower will be able to change the scenario. As they change the scenario their calculator will update with all of the new information specific to the new mortgage scenario.

We're always happy to give you a quick refresher training on QuickQual and show you how this new feature works.  The training is free and you can easily schedule a convenient time with our team. If you're not a QuickQual customer yet and you want to learn more about how QuickQual is helping lenders all across the country, sign up for a free demo and we'll be in touch to tell you more. 

More great updates to QuickQual are on the horizon! Please keep the feedback coming - that's how we continue to make QuickQual the best tool for sharing and managing all of your mortgage pre-qualifications and pre-approvals.