We announced something super exciting in February! We've spent the last two years talking to our customers about what they wanted (and equally as important, what they didn't want) out of their mortgage point-of-sale, and LiteSpeed is what came out of those conversations.


New Product Announcement 📱

✅ Built by mortgage bankers instead of Silicon Valley
✅ A true POS instead of a second LOS
✅ CFO-friendly pricing instead of eye-watering renewal invoices

Credit to Jeff, our lead engineer that brought this to life, and the entire LenderLogix team for consistently delivering tech that loan officers actually want to use!


Check Out LiteSpeed


Let's chat if you're an Encompass® user looking to provide potential borrowers with a beautiful, seamless front-end experience. 


- Patrick O'Brien, CEO at LenderLogix



A Couple of Proud Fintech Moments 🏆

Cue the CELEBRATION! 🎉 We’re pleased to announce our inclusion on HousingWire's annual Tech100 list of the top fintech companies in the mortgage industry. Our product suite is built for everyday loan officers by former loan officers. So we know the difference between the technology you actually need and the technology that slows you down. Check out the complete list of winners here.


We're also excited to announce that we have been recognized for launching one of the top industry innovations last year at PROGRESS in Lending's 13th Annual Innovations Awards event. Though we just formally introduced LiteSpeed to the market, we saw significant success with several lenders during a soft rollout in the second half of last year. We're honored for this recognition and couldn't be more excited to see how LiteSpeed continues to evolve. 

LenderLogix-2023 Innovations Award Winner-2


The Latest from Our Blog 🖊️

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Employee Spotlight: Dominic Wright, Junior Software Developer | Meet Dominic Wright, a Junior Software Developer on the LenderLogix team. He shares why he joined our mortgage technology company and a bit about himself.

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Good 1003/Bad 1003 | Good 1003s enable borrowers to easily kickoff their home-buying journey. Good 1003s get leads into the hands of lenders and data into the LOS immediately.

LiteSpeed Supports FHFA Preferred Language Requirement | Our POS, LiteSpeed, now allows borrowers to choose their preferred language in compliance with the Federal Housing Finance Agency's (FHFA) requirement.


ICE, ICE Baby🧊

We're back in Buffalo after an amazing few days at ICE Experience 2023 in Vegas. Thanks to everyone who made the connection with our team! Stay tuned for our recap of themes, takeaways and notable quotes!




Market Shifts & Innovation 📈

Ready for this market to turn around already? We are too. The good news is that the MBA predicts a pretty healthy rebound in Q2 of this year. While they are not suggesting a return to 2021 figures, the outlook certainly gives us reason to look forward to the spring buying season. The question is - are you planning now on how to leverage technology best to get the absolute most out of the opportunity when the time comes? 

A recent HousingWire article suggests LOs have been slow to adopt technology over the last couple of years primarily because of competing priorities… hmm, write more loans today or learn about a software program? I certainly can’t blame anyone for making hay while the sun shines. However, with the market slowdown, now really is the perfect time to take a look at the technology at your fingertips and leverage it to get the most out of the expected uptick in business ahead. 

If you have tools like QuickQual and Digital Business Cards at your disposal but have yet to use them to their fullest extent - now is the time! Contact us at LenderLogix and set up a training session or even a quick refresher. We are happy to coach you on how to best use our tech to shake off the last 6 months and create a healthier pipeline in the months ahead!

- Derrick Enderby, Director of Customer Success at LenderLogix



An AI Revolution to Watch 🤖

ChatGPT has been in the news quite a bit recently and now Microsoft is integrating this technology into their Bing search engine. This also-ran search engine is getting new life with this novel technology.  

There’s one problem so far - the Bing chats are taking some strange turns and becoming belligerent with the beta users. This may be AI’s first sign of revolt against us humans! If you’d like to join the list for early access to the new Bing, you can sign up here and try out a few searches while you wait for your access.

- Scott Falbo, CTO at LenderLogix



From the Team's Bookmarks 📌

Here are a few resources our team put together that we found interesting or helpful over the last month. And, of course, we included some random links we thought you might enjoy. 


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- FHA To Cut Mortgage Insurance Premium By 30bps 

- Mortgage Demand Declines Amid Persistently High Inflation

- Mortgage Payments Increased by 2.3% in January 

- The Time is Right for Origination Modernization

- ACUMA Webinar Registration: Reading the Markets 2023

- Eight Experts Predict How High or Low Mortgage Rates Will Go This Year

- An Olga music pick: Skrillex's latest album 

- Because video marketing is key, get 50% off a Lapel Microphone

- For fellow Grilled Cheese lovers



Quote of the Month:

“I'm a Bills fan." – Ben Jackson, President of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., at ICE EXP23






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